A priestess always pays her dues

SSunrise at the High Altar, I’m up to my elbows in goat entrails. There’s no arguing with the bloodied mess of intestines.

Esset approaches, apron stained with the blood of seven goats, face stained with tears as if I’m already dead.

‘Nembe.’ He speaks my name in sorrow.

At noon…

A wizard’s apprentice seeks power

EElvish steel gleamed, muting the flames from Reki’s torch. The bluish light dispelled the cavern’s shadows as he stared at the sword buried tip first in the rock floor.

He glanced back the way they’d come. ‘That was easy.’

Nachal grinned. ‘Don’t knock it, boy,’ she said. ‘I’ve hired out…

A frission of natural fibres, the static builds

“Andy, darling!” She enters my apartment in a waft of costly perfume and kisses me on both cheeks. My sensors work automatically in the background.

Breath alcohol level: Thirty-seven milligrams.

Skin temperature: Elevated.

Pupils: Dilated.

She’s a little drunk and definitely horny.

She heads straight for my sumptuous four-poster bed…

Never trust a thief

AAilric presses his blade against my throat. ‘Go ahead. Kill me,’ I say. ‘Add another ghost to haunt you.’

There’s a long pause. He pushes me away from him. Ghosts. He has enough of those.

‘In the name of all that’s holy, Danae! Why’re you here?’

I sweep my arm…

And a king in waiting

Jeers echoed through the mead hall. The Norsemen had found Edgar’s father among the newly arrived prisoners.
Sigmund's milk-clouded gaze sought Edgar’s in their gloomy corner. “What’s happening, boy?”
“They’re killing a king,” he said, used now to acting as the old man’s eyes.
The victors roared.
“He dies well?”
His father’s head thudded to…

Alex Kilcannon

Writer, poet, outdoors instructor and Mother of Teenagers. I rewild kids for a living.

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