I'm not sure book reviews are hugely popular on Medium but I enjoy writing them if a book's grabbed me enough :)

Favourite series? Already mentioned her, but Robin Hobb's Farseer and Liveship's book are my ultimates. Love the first three Dune books which counts as Sci-Fi Fantasy I think. Patrick Ness Chaos Walking books were good. Pratchett's Discworld series. I'm enjoying Stephen King's Dark Tower but not as much as I enjoy his other stuff.

I've just started Abercrombie's Scattered Sea Trilogy and although written more for a YA audience, I'm loving them.

I have a Feist book (Riftwar) in my to be read pile but unfortunately bought the final volume so am waiting to get the others first. I used to love Stephen Donaldson's Chronicles of Thomas Covenant but tried to reread them recently and couldn't get into them. Tad Williams books as well, but again read years ago, so not sure how they'd stand up now. Tried Wheel of Time but couldn't get into it.

I read a Sanderson book a long time ago, but don't recall which. I'll definitely take a look at Mistborn and Stormlight, thanks for the recs! I've been reading a lot of his non-fiction on writing eg Magic Laws so am interested in how he achieves it in his fiction.

I have a massive list of new (to me) fantasy writers to read (Jemisin, Butler, Zelazny for example) but am going to wait until the libraries reopen as it'll cost me a fortune otherwise, so will add your recs onto it. Thanks again for the recs and sorry for the ramble!

Writer, poet, outdoors instructor and Mother of Teenagers. I rewild kids for a living.

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