I’ve spent most of the past few years angry at our Government but now I am raging at their utter indifference to peoples lives as they play out their spin.

That moment at the press conference was indeed a glimmer of hope but then all this last week, instead of nailing them to the floor, the headlines have been updates on how de Pfeffel is in ‘good spirits’ and then he’s in ‘very good spirits’. I was having visions of him raiding the rubbing alcohol and pinching the nurses' bottoms. Ooooh, Matron, what a carry on!

And now we have the blame game when Hancock had to shovel himself out of the brown stuff Raab threw his way— it’s the people’s fault for not sticking to the lockdown, the nurses for using too much PPE. If only Mogg would pop up with a ‘lack of common-sense’ comment about the victims breathing infected air — we’d have a hat trick.

Ugh. I’m so angry and frustrated but my heart is bleeding at the same time.

Your description of Raab is genius. It reminded me of Alan Rickman’s Sheriff of Nottingham and his ‘cut your heart out with a spoon’ because it’ll hurt more moment.

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